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Elevate Your Fitness Journey & Recovery!

At iGrind365 Gym, we seamlessly blend comprehensive fitness solutions with unparalleled recovery amenities. Join us, embrace your goals, and indulge in a holistic approach to well-being. Welcome to your fitness and recovery sanctuary!


About Us

Step into our dynamic space designed to cater to every fitness level and need. From basic equipment and specialized turf flooring for dynamic movements to personalized training and invigorating group classes, we're here to support your unique fitness journey.

But our commitment doesn't end with your workout. Experience ultimate relaxation and recovery in our dedicated recovery space. Unwind in our two saunas, rejuvenate with our cold plunge, and enhance muscle recovery with two leg compression systems and massage guns. We believe that recovery is an essential component of fitness, ensuring you feel refreshed, revitalized, and ready for your next challenge.



Open Gym
4am-10pm (Monday- Friday)
9am-4pm (Saturday & Sunday)
Morning HIIT classes
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
5:30am & 6:30am 9amĀ 
Night HIIT classes
Tuesday & Thursday
1:1 Personal Training
available (contact trainers)
Athletic Training
Tuesday & Thursday
Booty Wednesday
Every other Wednesday


3 month Nutrition Coaching
$189.00 / month
3 Month PT package 2x weekly
Unlimited Personal Training Session
$640.00 / month + $99.99 At Signup
3x Weekly HIIT & Open Gym
365 HIIT Class
$299.99 / month + $19.99 At Signup
3x Weekly HIIT & Open Gym (Grandfathered)
365 HIIT Class
$145.00 / month + $19.99 At Signup
6 Week Transformation Program 3x Weekly
365 HIIT Class
$255.00 / week + $425.00 At Signup
Cold plunge
Unlimited Recovery Nation
College Student/Military Base Member
Unlimited OPEN GYM Strength & Conditioning Weight Training
$24.99 / month
Compressions 45min
Unlimited Recovery Nation
Day Pass
$32.50 / session
Family Tier I Member
$49.99 / month + $19.99 At Signup
Infrared Sauna 1 hour
Unlimited Recovery Nation
$75.00 / day
Open Gym Full year
Unlimited OPEN GYM
$450.00 / year
Personal Training 101 1x weekly
Unlimited Personal Training Session
$210.99 / month
Personal Training 101 2x weekly
Unlimited Personal Training Session
$650.99 / month
Recovery Nation starter Packages
Unlimited Recovery Nation
$89.99 / month
Speed & Agility Unlimited & Open Gym
$234.99 / month + $19.99 At Signup
Tier I Member
$45.99 / month + $19.99 At Signup
Week Pass
7 days / week OPEN GYM


Matthias McKinnon

Hezekiah Williamson

Asia cornwall

Mike Green

Xavier flower

Beth Wyman

Najee Hickling

Mariah Lewis

Interested in Training?

Interested in Training?

Welcome to our comprehensive training section, designed to empower you on your fitness journey. Our expertly curated programs cater to all levels, from beginners to seasoned athletes, ensuring everyone finds their perfect fit. Fill out the information below to embark are you new journey!

A warm thank you for choosing us as your coaching partner. We're excited to support you on this transformative journey. Your trust means the world, and we're dedicated to your success.

A coach will be reaching out to you soon! Feel free to reach out with any questions or updates. Let's make progress together!